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An experiment in non-linear time

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An experimental documentary about a landscape

by Caroline on December 9, 2013, no comments

A little something I wrote and animated based on old (and new) photographs of Shetland. What does it mean for us to encounter something that exists according to its own rules and that does not acknowledge us? Does the land need us? Do we have a role to play in its rules? Yet we affect […]

And now for something completely different

by Caroline on September 14, 2013, no comments

For a few weeks I have been working on an out-of-comfort-zone project involving documentary photography. As I looked at today’s shoot in particular, I noticed that my fascinations with light, shadows and forms isn’t evident only in my paintings, but also in the photographs I take. I love the bike shadow in this shot.

A typology of me

by Caroline on August 30, 2013, no comments

On a recent trip to Rome, my husband got bored waiting around while I took photographs and turned his camera on me. After he had taken a few he showed them to me and I told him he’d started a typology. So he took some more and here they are.

The Naming of Things

by Caroline on July 15, 2013, one comment

Why do we, as humans, have such an obsessional need to categorize and name things? From the Linnaeus system for naming the living world, splitting it into genus and species, ignoring the interconnections of an ecosystem, to museum displays, to hashtags and metadata, we label everything. Is it a way of gaining control over our […]

What the heck is an “experiment in non-linear time”?

by Caroline on June 12, 2013, no comments

Well, this particular experiment is a blog (but you knew that already) with posts that are published at random, i.e. not in a linear fashion. A post that was written today may not be published until October. Unfortunately posts can only be set to publish in the future. I can’t write a post next October […]