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Flower traces

by Caroline on August 20, 2013, no comments

I have been exploring different ways of leaving traces using plant material as a way of thinking about ephemerality. I crushed flower heads in a press hoping that the pollen would leave traces on the paper (which it did). I also like the decking which occurred in the top sheet of paper. I made cyanotypes […]


by Caroline on August 13, 2013, no comments

A trace is a mark of something or someone, the residue of an occurrence or an existence. Kitty Hauser, Shadow Sites [drawing is] related to life, like drawing breath or a tree drawing nourishment through its roots to draw with its branches the space in which it grows. Andy Goldsworthy, quoted in Lines:A Brief History […]

Paths made by water

by Caroline on August 11, 2013, no comments

In The Old Ways Robert MacFarlane talks about paths made in dry land when rainfall flows down a hillside after rainfall. The rain will always find the easiest route and will follow that route each time it rains, etching a stream bed on the hillside. When the stream dries up, between rains, people come along […]

Marking the Path

by Caroline on August 4, 2013, no comments

In The Old Ways, Robert MacFarlane talks of paths as ‘habits of the landscape’. It takes many feet walking through an area to keep a path open, else nature takes it back. Most of us use paths and trails that have been designated and built, in cities, in parks, in state and national parks, but […]