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Time and space and us

by Caroline on August 22, 2013, no comments

When the railroad and photography came along our relationship to time and space changed. Suddenly we could travel faster than nature – faster than walking, faster than a horse or the wind in a sail. In speeding up travel, and eventually isolating us from the journey behind glass, our relationship with the space between destinations […]


by Caroline on August 9, 2013, no comments

The only subjectivity is time, non-chronological time grasped in its foundation, and it is we who are internal to time, not the other way round. Gilled Deleuze The experience of time and the experience of self are linked, but clock time and our consciousness of time are not the same – we can be out […]


by Caroline on July 31, 2013, no comments

“Let’s assume that time is linear and unidirectional, otherwise we would soon be list.” “You mean it isn’t?” said Meg. “Not in my opinion; and thought experiments show this, but by the nature of things not everyone agrees with the premise. I say that time is multi-dimensional and exists in different forms. We’ve opted for […]

Deep Place

by Caroline on July 27, 2013, no comments

But it’s not so much deep space that concerns me as deep place. Once place is lost, you fall into history. Alan Garner, from Boneland