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Why paint?

by Caroline on October 22, 2013, no comments

Isn’t painting dead after all? Isn’t it a bit old-fashioned? Aren’t other art forms where it’s at nowadays? These, and other questions, are posed, either by others, or by myself when I’ve wandered around one too many art fairs. So, why paint? And more specifically, why paint or draw from life? I paint because it […]


by Caroline on September 7, 2013, no comments

I am inexplicably fascinated by shadows – the weird forms they make when overlapping, the way they shift as the wind blows. I have a little foam board ‘stage set’ where I put this leaf, lit it in different ways with LEDs and photographed it.

More on Commonplace books, with a link to a great article

by Caroline on August 28, 2013, no comments

Ambling through my twitter feed this morning I came across a link, from Maria Popova of Brain Pickings, about commonplace books. Of course I had to follow it. Up came a great article from another obsessive note-taker, Ryan Holiday, about his commonplace books. I don’t disagree with much that he says, but I do handle […]

Flower traces

by Caroline on August 20, 2013, no comments

I have been exploring different ways of leaving traces using plant material as a way of thinking about ephemerality. I crushed flower heads in a press hoping that the pollen would leave traces on the paper (which it did). I also like the decking which occurred in the top sheet of paper. I made cyanotypes […]

Paths made by water

by Caroline on August 11, 2013, no comments

In The Old Ways Robert MacFarlane talks about paths made in dry land when rainfall flows down a hillside after rainfall. The rain will always find the easiest route and will follow that route each time it rains, etching a stream bed on the hillside. When the stream dries up, between rains, people come along […]


by Caroline on August 10, 2013, no comments

This past year I have become fascinated by cyanotypes and have, and have taken a lot. I am far more interested in taking a cyanotype directly from an object, capturing its shadow, than in using negatives to create a cyanotype from a traditional photograph. It is the ability of a cyanotype to capture the fleeting […]

A conversation with my subconscious

by Caroline on August 5, 2013, no comments

Driving home on the freeway, pondering on a comment at a critique that I am “searching for something”: Me: “What is my work about?” Subconscious: Well, duh, landscape obviously.” Me: “Really?” (thinking, this is weird, who is this?) Subconscious: “Yes. All those photographs you take? All those shadows? Almost always of living things, of foliage. […]

The dark side

by Caroline on July 23, 2013, no comments

When someone makes a comment about my work that is true it’s like a bell rings far off, even if I don’t immediately understand. Recently someone observed that a series of photographs I’d taken “seemed to be about darkness”. My whole self reverberated with the bell ringing and it was overwhelming. I had no response […]


by Caroline on July 19, 2013, no comments

I am drawn to landscape because it has such a different timescale to us. Trees, especially oaks (and sequoias which I have not yet seen), live through many human lifetimes. What do they see? An army gathering underneath, a meeting of lovers, a child in a swing? Yet, one winter I can walk through a […]

Commonplace Books

by Caroline on July 17, 2013, no comments

For many years I have been a compulsive note-taker, even being approached by gallery owners who think I might be a journalist. In a way this blog exists to force me to go through my notes, mining them for interesting snippets. A year ago I was reading Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From in […]