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A collage of islands

by Caroline on September 19, 2013, no comments

I lived in Shetland for four of my teenage years. A set of windswept, treeless islands where the North Sea meets the Atlantic, north of Scotland, south of Iceland. I used copies of photographs I took back then for this collage; back in the days of film. They are pasted to canvas on card.

Rock piles

by Caroline on September 15, 2013, no comments

This collage came about during a moment of serendipity. I had cut out the rock piles in one image and pushed the remaining part of the photo aside. I looked up and loved how I could see another rock pile photo through the spaces left behind. This is why it pays to keep a messy […]

Forest collages

by Caroline on September 13, 2013, no comments

More 4″x6″ collages of forest photos that I’ve taken in various places at different seasons. That strange blue of the trunks in Forest collage #5 is because it was late afternoon in winter. I like the contrast with the late spring foliage. Wait, are there actually some people in Forest collage #1? That can’t be, […]

Bastrop collages

by Caroline on September 9, 2013, no comments

Look closely and you’ll see that those bare trunks are blackened. I visited Bastrop for the first time just a few months before the fire and took a few photos as we hiked around it. But far too few. A year later we went back and I took a lot more photos and came back […]

Winter Forests

by Caroline on September 8, 2013, no comments

More collages with rifts in space. Many of my favorite childhood books had portals to other worlds and winter forests – from the wardrobe to a frozen Narnia in C.S.Lewis, to the old forest way on Christmas morning in Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising. Walking in the woods, especially hushed, wintertime woods, feels like […]

Constructed landscapes

by Caroline on September 6, 2013, no comments

Another strange, reconstructed landscape that makes no visual sense, but seems linked to a definition I just found in my notebook: ‘isolarion‘ – a map developed by 15th century mapmakers that describes specific areas in detail but now how the areas relate to each other. Makes me think about collaging bits of map drawings and […]