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Why paint?

by Caroline on October 22, 2013, no comments


Detail of current painting

Isn’t painting dead after all? Isn’t it a bit old-fashioned? Aren’t other art forms where it’s at nowadays?

These, and other questions, are posed, either by others, or by myself when I’ve wandered around one too many art fairs.

So, why paint? And more specifically, why paint or draw from life?

I paint because it is a way of paying attention to something, and a way of thinking about that something. And being present and paying attention to anything that you choose, that does not demand your attention, is rare. So I choose to look at things in nature and see if the language of painting has anything to say about them that might be interesting or informative or simply beautiful. Paintings are often slow affairs, this is the Slow Looking movement if you like. Like Slow Food or Slow Homes. That attention and time marks something out as special, as worth the effort, in a kind of ritual. Once we would have noticed and celebrated the full moon, or the longest day, or the equinox, or the harvest. Now, some of us paint.

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