Notes from the Labyrinth

An experiment in non-linear time

Rauschenberg on photographs

by Caroline on September 30, 2013, no comments

I was interested to learn that Rauschenberg was a photographer before he was a painter and continued to make photographs, finding that it was a way to pay more attention to light and shadow as they change. His photographs seem to be, in general, more about black and white, rather than about capturing the greys; […]

The wandering scholars…

by Caroline on September 27, 2013, no comments

The rovers, the rootless, those not under the spell…perhaps they were simply allowed to go free. To start again. With no frontiers to extend, no homes to guard against imagined attack, they had never been the destroyers. There was no danger in them. He had imagined, sometimes, a great line of them stretching through the […]

Fallen trees, isolated

by Caroline on September 23, 2013, no comments

I originally intended to paint areas out completely with the white gesso, but I like the hints of sunlight and shadow that come through. It still highlights the strange forms of fallen trees which was my main intention. I confess to having been influenced by seeing the erased photographs of Emilio Isgrò at Rome’s Galleria […]

Leave room for doubt

by Caroline on September 22, 2013, no comments

We absolutely must leave room for doubt or there is no progress without having to pose a question. And a question requires doubt. People search for certainty. But there is no certainty. People are terrified – how can you live and not know? It is not odd at all. You only think you know as […]

Small rearrangements

by Caroline on September 21, 2013, no comments

I think the expression “small rearrangements of the environment” is a great description for the rock stacks, shell circles and sandcastles none of us can help but build on a beach.

A collage of islands

by Caroline on September 19, 2013, no comments

I lived in Shetland for four of my teenage years. A set of windswept, treeless islands where the North Sea meets the Atlantic, north of Scotland, south of Iceland. I used copies of photographs I took back then for this collage; back in the days of film. They are pasted to canvas on card.